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Mark Schwartz Shoes Fall/Winter 2015

Hail to the new King of Footwear, artist and designer Mark Schwartz. Schwartz, an acolyte of the finest footwear designer of all time, Roger Vivier, and influenced by Andy Warhol, has it all - the gift, the eye, the touch, the feel, and the vision.

Every Warhol friend knows that Andy's career began by illustrating shoes for I. Miller, and the ads for Bonwit-Teller. Having walked into Schwartz' Madison Avenue shoe store, Warhol suggested that Schwartz paint shoes, as he himself had. Already a painter, Schwartz and Warhol painted shoes together, and Schwartz became part of the mid-80s Warhol crowd.

As chief designer for Roger Vivier, Schwartz' training was golden. Vivier had been shoe designer for the Master himself, Christian Dior, creating some of the most precious and magnificent shoes ever. Post-Vivier Schwartz continued on to Paris after Warhol's death, S designed for Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga, and Hermes. His shoes have been featured in major fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, and W. Though he has most recently spent his time painting, Schwartz is back with a bang... and it's a bang big enough to put Schwartz up there alongside Manolo Blahnik and

Christian Louboutin.

The suede, pony skin and kid ankle boots are the epitome of chic, burnished with metallic leathers and animal print in surprising colors. The exquisitely sculpted heel has a slight wave or curve to it, clearly Schwartz' love letter to Vivier, who first designed what is called Comma Heel. Alba, with its gold snaps up the side beneath a cuff-like expanse of gold leather, adorned with a very Givenchy-esque bow at the top, is beauty and power all rolled into one. Cosima, in both the red-on-black and black-on-black colorations, lets everyone know you mean business, but in the loveliest way possible.

Then there's surrealistic Sorisso shoe featuring a rounded toe with red lips and white teeth grinning at you. Then there's the Aria, and it's cousin, Daria, and Donya and Palmira? I just can't say enough. The knee-high Matteo boot is just fucking faaabulous. In fact this whole damn collection is divine. Carry on, Monsieur Schwartz, with clients like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts and Oprah, you're doing juuust fine.

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Photography by: Courtesy of Mark Schwartz
  • Karyn Dennison Elliott

    Need to get my shoes back from this guy ASAP,