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OLI’S MEN: Oliver Spencer x Rankin Collaboration

Famed photographer RANKIN shot LONDON designer OLIVER SPENCER’s 2015-16 look book. Rather than using typical models, Spencer wanted to showcase people who actually wore his clothes, believing that it is the men who choose to wear Oli’s clothes that make the company what it is. “Clothes are nothing without personality,” says Spencer. The OLIVER SPENCER x RANKIN project “is primarily about some of our favourite people - friends from many walks of life.” Rankin has captured eleven personalities; eleven stories (and one beloved chair). “Without personalities to inhabit them, clothes are just pieces of material. When they’ve been put together by Oliver Spencer they’re very particular pieces of material, but still, they need to be worn to come alive.” And now, Oli’s men.

CALLUM TURNER, Actor, Model and Director, is most famous for his roles as BILL ROHAN in “QUEEN AND COUNTRY” and as ELI in the E4 series GLUE. "The worst costume is when you don’t have a costume"

JASON GISSING, co-founder of OCADO, an online grocery retailer in the U.K., is a former banker, tennis player and attorney. “My mum is Japanese and there’s a big fashion heritage in JAPAN. She doesn’t dress like a punk and walk around train stations in TOKYO but she’s very into fashion. So it’s always been an important part of my life”

MAGS REVELL, Music Promoter and Vice President, Live Music at GOLDENVOICE/AEG, started his own grass-roots campaign in the U.K. designed to get the band MÖTLEY CRÜE to reunite in 2004. “I used to have a red MOHICAN and fuse wire in my hair, and think I looked really cool, and actually I looked like a bit of a berk. But it was fun at the time.”

TAKÉ SATO Fashion Stylist and Consultant, is the former editor of MONOCLE MAGAZINE. “I was born and raised in TOKYO. When I was 15, I started going to a lot of different clothing shops, vintage clothing stores to high-end designer stores. That’s how I got inspired, there is so much history behind the people and products in fashion.”

JOHN BRADBURY, drummer from THE

SPECIALS, is an English musician, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. “I'm old enough to have been a MOD. In my mind, I still am. I used to have a different suit for every day of the week, that was part of the culture at the time.”

THOMAS HARRISON Professional Skateboarder, is also a founder of CROWNS & OWLS, a collective of filmmakers specializing in making music videos, commercials and fashion films. “Skateboarding is all about style. It is like an art; how you flow and how you move is just as impressive as doing the best trick ever.”

DUMI OBUROTA, music mogul and co-founder of DISTURBING LONDON, an entertainment and management label, is #8 in GQ’s Most Stylish Businessmen 2015 list. “Fashion and music are like marriage. It works hand in hand, and you use that to express yourself.”

CONRAD SHAWCROSS, celebrated British artist specializing in mechanical sculptures based on philosophical and scientific ideas, is the youngest living member of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS. “Technology is almost a part of evolution. There’s no way of fighting it. And if you are concerned about it, then the best thing to do is to learn as much about it as possible.”

JOHNNIE SAPONG, described by THE SUNDAY TIMES as 'probably the best hairdresser in the world,' divides his time between working in his luxury salon THE STUDIO and styling for fashion shoots. “Most of my ideas come from the streets, people-watching. You’re then trying to think, ‘How would this translate on the runway or in an editorial?’”

NIHAL ARTHANAYAKE British Radio DJ, has been responsible for the music accompanying the LONDON NEW YEAR’S EVE fireworks display for 2011 and 2012. “There are some super sharp people who love their clothes in ESSEX. And being an Essex boy, I guess that’s me.”

ALEX JAMES, Bassist for BLUR, is an English musician and songwriter, as well as a journalist and cheesemaker. “I'm more comfortable with the word style instead of fashion. And that’s what I love about Oli’s clothes: they’re stylish.”