fashion Editorial

Outside The Box

Every year we embrace our fashion do’s and steer clear of our fashion don’ts. Like a summer breeze – trends and fads come and go, and just like the clothes, the designer and the wearer update themselves to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion.

They say fashion is about celebrating individuality, so it makes perfect sense that our editorial “Outside the Box?” features Kenneth Cole, the designer that defines quintessential New York style, but most importantly celebrates personal style and pushes the boundaries of convention.

I’m excited about Kenneth Cole’s return to the gleaming runways of New York Fashion Week. While, Kenneth Cole was in hiatus Kenneth Cole reinvented his eponymous fashion brand. He has returned with a new project: Kenneth Cole Collection, an upgraded collection

of ready-to-wear separates and accessories for men and women. Without compromising their sophistication and quality, they’ve turned around and incorporated some zest into their already amazing line. Model, Lailani Dawn Mekeel might be Dallas’ most daring model, so it’s only fitting for her to be wearing Kenneth Cole’s unique perspective on Spring 2014. Lailani wore some conventional pieces in a very unconventional way. Hence, wearing a dress with sneakers.

This season, don’t be afraid to break all the rules by expressing your own individuality. Tossing in some unique accessories is a simple way to liven up any outfit. Think of fashion as a canvas and you as the artist; be fearless in your masterpiece.

Be eclectic, be rebellious, be original, but most importantly, be yourself.