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Pantone Fashion Trend Color Report 2017

Read about the top 10 colors for Spring 2017, in our fashion trends 2017 color report.

With 2016 not yet over, we are already looking forward to the New Year, new hopes and new beginnings. Fashion, like no other medium, conveys the attitudes and feelings that permeate our society. Fashion is a mirror of both who we are, and who we stive to be. That’s why the PANTONE Fashion Trend Color Report produced by the Pantone Color Institute in collaboration with NY Fashion Week is always expected with such anticipation. It offers a picture of the coming spring in a brief and concise, yet comprehensive document that we can all follow.

So, let’s have it! 2017 promises to be the year of Vitality, Relaxation and the Great Outdoors! The top 10 colors of Spring 2017 palette can be easily divided into three categories: pale airy hues indicative of relaxation and romance (Pale Dogwood PANTONE 13-1404, Island Paradise PANTONE 14-4620, Hazelnut PANTONE 14-1315), soothing earthy shades of nature (Greenery PANTONE 15-0343, Kale PANTONE 18-0107, Niagara PANTONE 17-4123, Lapis Blue PANTONE 19-4045), and vibrant and invigorating colors representing energy and vitality (Flame PANTONE 17-1462, Pink Yarrow PANTONE 17-2034, Primrose Yellow PANTONE 13-0755).

Pale airy hues: Indicative of relaxation and romance  |  Learn More  |  Facebook
Soothing earthy shades of nature  |  Learn More  |  Facebook
Vibrant and invigorating colors representing energy and vitality  |  Learn More  |  Facebook

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, said: “One of the things that we saw this year was a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in context that was different than the traditional.” Unusual tone combinations and color statements created by the designers intended “…to capture the promises, hope and transformation that we yearn for each Spring”, stated the Fashion Color Report.

What I find the most appealing in the report is the fact that the clear groupings within the top 10 colors of the season are not only intended to convey certain emotions, they are also well-suited for people of different skin-tones and different temperaments. As much as I like bright colors, I don’t feel comfortable wearing them (with a few exceptions), the same goes for most people. The top colors of Spring 2017 seem to reverberate with the audiences by offering multiple options for every occasion, every mood and every taste. The spring is right around the corner, let’s welcome it with a smile and a new wardrobe full of Vitality, Relaxation and the Great Outdoors.