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Penny Luck: American Dreamer Collection

A lot of people tend to look at fashion as something extraneous and unimportant. After all, a sweater is just a sweater, and a pair of shoes is a necessity and not a statement. However, the more you learn about the people and the processes that make fashion industry strive, the more fascinating and inspiring it becomes.

Such is the story of Penny Luck – local Texas brand, based in Austin that came to my attention only recently. The founder of the brand, Brian Munoz, is an entrepreneur who epitomizes the energy and the drive behind the notion of the American Dream. On his journey to success, he has met with his share of bad luck, but true to the American spirit, he persevered. His quest to the understanding of success led to the recipe shared by many people he has questioned. Hard work, Risk and Luck are the three ingredients inevitably present in any profitable venture.

With this knowledge in mind, Brian set to create his own brand, and named it, inspiringly, “Penny Luck”. His American Dreamer Collection offers a selection of men’s shoes that are truly unique. Each pair is hand-made of the highest quality leather by master artisans, with soles adorned by real pennies to bring the owner luck. Although interesting in itself, what really affected me in this concept was the story behind the brand. The American Dream chaser is not a man all about the money; he is the man with a big heart.

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Penny Luck is employing, and is planning to employ American veterans suffering from PTSD. In addition to this, the company has recently made an agreement with the Purple Heart foundation to donate 100% of customization proceeds to the charity. Their Spread the Luck Campaign is officially launching on Veteran’s Day November 11th. There is a beautiful connection created between those who fought to protect the American Dream and those who choose to pursue it. The desire to give back, and support those who fought to make the dream possible, is a very strong foundation not only for building the business, but also for creating a lasting connection with clients. Shoes that help people are not “just shoes” anymore – they are a vehicle of social change.

The company has been growing rapidly; its products can be found in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and, of course, in Dallas. Locally, you can come and see them for yourself in Ken’s Man’s Shop, Rye 51, and soon in Sebastian’s Closet.

If you feel you are down on your luck, or you need a boost to fuel your dream, perhaps all it takes is a pair of Penny Luck shoes. If that doesn’t help, well, at least you know you’ve helped someone, and that already is a blessing.

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Photography by: Zach Weber Photography