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Sinful Jewels

Poetically every woman wants to be shower in constellations of precious stones that include pearls, rubies, diamonds, and emeralds – just to name a few of the world’s most coveted stones. But what is it about jewels that make humans go to extremes in order to find the perfect diamond hundreds of miles below the earth surface? Or pay astronomical price tags for a dazzling necklace that shimmers on a woman’s décolletage? The answer is quite simple; jewels like all things brilliant are an evident setter of elegance, power, and most importantly liberty.

Symbolically jewels tend to illuminate the darkest side of human nature – you see jewels are like magic erasers, when you are wearing a magnificent piece of jewelry nothing really matters, and I mean nothing! It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you look, all they can see is your diamond necklace finished with Siberian emeralds.

Models, Tiffany and Charlie unveil their sinful side for all things brilliant such as diamonds or precious stones. How far would you go in search of the perfect jewel? Not too far darling – Couture Rocks Fine Jewelry is got you covered.

Couture Rocks is the one and only destination for all things brilliant. They got diamonds for days, I mean years! Everything you could imagine…owner Carinthia Kishaba is sure to fulfill all your jewelry fantasies.

Creativity over ostentation, lightness over exaggeration – is how we describe the collections hailing from the studios of Couture Rocks Fine Jewelry. Brilliantly, their collections are enrich by those of yesterday, yet groundbreaking for today’s world.

Carinthia Kishaba of Couture Rocks Fine Jewelry has

become a master at invoking elements of the universe of jewelry, and mixing them with uber craftsmanship in order to create the perfect necklace, ring, or pendants.

Insolently, I encourage you to sin just a little bit for that $15,000 necklace from Couture Rocks’ sinful jewelry. Hell after all, are not the most beautiful things meant to circulate?

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Chocolate Moonstone in 18k Rose Gold with 2.26 carats of White and Cognac Diamonds - $6999 | Pave’ Buckle Band in 18kwg- 1.06 carats of round brilliant White Diamonds - $3699 | Skinny Diamond Bracelets in 14k White and Yellow gold with .20 carats of Round Brilliant Pave’ Diamonds - $1375


Blue Tear Pendant 47.48 carat Blue Sapphire Slice in a pear shape surrounded by 3.99 carats of Rose Cut Diamonds and accented with .26 carats of round brilliant diamonds. 18k white and blue gold tassels dangle from below - $21,599 | River Diamond Tennis Bracelet – 14kwg 5.05 carats of round brilliant White Diamonds, prong set - $6999 | Lapis Love Ring - 17.55 carats of Lapis and White Topaz haloed by .52carat double row of round brilliant White Diamonds $4975


Midnight Pendant 49.64 carats of White Topaz and Hematite with 1.40 carats of White and Black Diamonds in 18kwg - $6999


Red Queen Pendant 18k Rose Gold 31.62 carats of White Topaz and Red Agate with .53 carats of Black and White Diamonds $3199 | Ring – 18k Rose Gold with 44.56carat of White Topaz and Red Agate and .34 carats of Diamonds - $4499

Visit or contact them by phone | 817.742.1105 | to place an order.

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Photography by: Brandon Lyon