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‘Title of work’ impressed the NYFW:Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 attendees with an impressive installation of 15-foot cascading tie at the well-known Skylight Clarkson on July 14th . This installation became the first participation of the brand in the men’s fashion week, and it certainly made an impact.

The brand offers a premium menswear accessories collection by CFDA Designer and Artist, Jonathan Meizler. ‘Title of work’ unifies the world of fashion, art and science by deconstructing diverse themes and concepts. Meizler uses the tie as canvas. His combination of the traditional form with progressive design and the finest fabrication produce accessories of the highest caliber. The designs employ unusual treatments of beading, leather, sterling silver, precious stones and embroidery and result in product suited for the modern executive, who is refined, cultured and progressive thinking. The line is a distinct alternative to the conservative necktie offering, and a challenge to the preconception of traditional men’s accessories.

The necktie fixture at the Skylight Clarkson represented a sculptural rendition of Jonathan Meizier’s tie. It was made of high-density foam and covered in 100% silk. The installation became a show of sorts. A live beader worked at the scene, beading a design of the tie to showcase the process of the actual tie creation. ‘Title of work’ accessories are available in Barneys Matche Fashion Luisa via Roma and others.

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'title of work' by Jonathan Meizler
'title of work' by Jonathan Meizler
'title of work' by Jonathan Meizler

Photography by: 'title of work'