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ALEXANDER WANG: Fall/Winter RTW 2015

Stop the presses, breaking news! Alexander Wang does an all black collection! With leather! And chains! And Goth and Heavy Metal influences! So original I could just... sleep all the way through it. All that hype about how fucking original Alex (as I like to call him) is by doing an all black Goth/Metal collection has veteran fashionistas smirking. Alex, was the black/Goth/Metal look something you recently read about on Facebook? Because you are evidently the only one who thought the black/Goth/Metal look was fresh and new.

Alright, I'll relent now, since I've made my point abundantly clear. It does not shame me to admit that I am a diehard devotee of black. It's not only my default choice, it's also my first choice. Besides, It's hard to fuck up an all black outfit. As such a decades-long devotee of black, I skipped the hype and was immediately excited to see Alex's pieces. The multitude of black coats with edges whip-stitched in white were stunning. The leather shirts were eye-catching. The cropped pants were indeed a fresh addition to this look, but the draped chains and clunky combat-style boots were very déjà vu.

What Alex has done, and done beautifully, is translate this punkish street-look into

hi-glam luxury. There's easily a dozen pieces in this collection that I'd wear personally. To me, the addition of red and the further introduction of white tops over, yawn, blue jeans diluted the impact of the black and were, I felt, the weakest part of the presentation. But redemption came from the black garments with row after row of ball-chain, apparently embroidered to the clothes in rows, swags and patterns.

The triple-breasted coats, dresses and vests were spectacular. The sheer chain mail (!) dresses in the finalé were extremely innovative, and the shiny oversized coats and jackets were lavishly trimmed with fur. The model's hair was unkempt and looked like it had been styled with Crisco. The problem here is that those who choose to adopt this greasy adolescent look are not the ones who can afford Alex's clothes - they'll wait until Hot Topix knocks it off. But, Alex, I do have a great deal of respect for you, and think you truly design beautiful, stylish, high quality garments. You understand how to put together a collection in a way that cannot be taught. Sorry to be so snarky about the all-black hype for your show, because with the exception of the non-black pieces, it was a truly breathtaking collection.

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Photography by: Alexander Wang