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Anzevino400;"> designers William Anzevino400;"> and August Getty400;">'s take on "Upscale Athleisure400;">" has the accent on luxury. As if it were the best of Public School 400;">and Michael Bastian400;"> (you didn't think they were diametrically opposed, 400;">did400;"> you?), with a dash of Lucio Castro400;"> and Carlos Campos400;">, stuck to the fairly standard color palette for S/S 2016400;"> - black, white, gray, and navy, but spiced it up with royal, cobalt and neon blue, as well as a magnificent electric moss green. But that's not to imply that Anzevino Getty is not original, it's just that they are 400;">very400;"> creatively riding the crest of the hottest menswear trends, and seem to perfectly encapsulate most of them without imitating any of them.

400;">What we 400;">didn't400;"> see, mercifully, was the gangster/criminal element of Public School; or the clumsy "playwear" look from Carlos Campos. What we 400;">did400;"> see were beautifully fitted slim trousers and shorts, defying the ancient still-reigning trend that began in the 'hood a 400;">thousand400;"> years ago, at least. With a terrific nature-inspired print sensibility, the celestial star print in a black and white t-shirt and shorts combination almost looked like glittering black sequins. The track pants were shoved up under the knee, and other shorts hit above the knee. The zippered

pullover windbreakers were reinvented in gorgeous fabrics. The thigh-length coats were, as Public School's were, simply a nod to the traditional topcoat or overcoat, but 400;">only400;"> a nod.

400;">Black and white printed suits were 400;">not400;"> for the the shrinking violet, in fact, they really heralded the return of purple. And 400;">that's400;"> the genius of Anzevino Getty's collection - while many designers catered to the masculine, and sometimes obtuse sensibility, by only stretching the boundaries to a400;"> certain400;"> degree, The Anzevino Getty customer is not at 400;">all400;"> afraid to draw attention to himself. Silk, high-neck collars nestled under tight, woolen knitwear were a crisp staple. The shorts-suits were probably the most sophisticated example of the style that seems to be rampant on the runways.

400;">The jaw-droppingly sexy and divine short-legged, short-sleeved zip-front jumpsuit in black suede almost resembles a summer wetsuit. The matching printed weekender bag and shorts perfectly summed up the casual luxuriousness of the collection. The luxurious fabrications were like an international grand tour with heirloom-quality Parisian400;"> jacquard, Italian400;"> silks, Swiss400;"> cottons, Japanese400;"> tech knits, and heavy highlights of the finest Italian leather in shorts (to die for), jackets, hats and accessories.

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