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One commentator said, "The models don't smile. The Jason Wu client is rich and powerful... and she's over 30 now." Uh oh.Jason's fame was cemented by designing both of First Lady Michelle Obama's inaugural gowns, but while Michelle may be a great role model, she is most certainly not a fashion icon. Jason seems to have gone into a panic when his clientele turned 30. Out with the old, in with the new, right? Even though the Wu girl is now all grown up, Jason himself seems to have plunged directly into menopause.

Though the collection is dripping with furs, which I adore, Jason's touch seems to have faltered. The shapes and proportions often seemed askew, and, well, yes I have to say it, some of it seemed downright frumpy. In fact, a close inspection reveals that Jason has paid serious attention to the figure flaws that begin to beset the over-30 client, and

accommodated them in his designs. But adding a plunging décolletage and thigh-high slits just doesn't take an awkward dress from hideous to fabulous, and it seems clear that Jason has underestimated what an over-30 woman wants to wear. And while apparently the rich, powerful over-30 Wu client has thrown away her smile, she appears to have thrown away her hairbrush too, and now and prefers to look like she has never even heard of a hairbrush.

There were indeed a number of individual pieces that were exquisite by themselves, but they were few and far between. What he did get right was the finalé... faaabulous from beginning to end, and that redeemed Jason considerably in my eyes. Yeah, Jason, I'm ragging on you, it's true. Not because I'm just a bitchy queen, but because I like you a lot. You disappointed me. You are better than this and you know it.

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Photography by: JASON WU