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400;">Thugs in a police line-up, viewed through a one-way mirror. Not an uncommon sight at all. But 400;">glamourously400;"> dressed thugs, some celebrities, sullen and sneering? 400;">That400;"> is uncommon 400;">anywhere400;">, especially during New York Fashion Week: Men's400;">. Perhaps a reference to the public outcry against police brutality, Public School400;"> presented their faaabulous S/S RTW 2016400;"> collection in an amusing and original presentation at Skylight Clarkson Sq.

400;">Designers Dao-Yi Chow400;"> and Maxwell Osborne400;"> combined the streetwise look with impeccable tailoring - lamentably the thug look seems to be here to stay, appearing in a number of the NYFW:M400;"> collections. Known as "Upscale Athleisure400;">," at Public School, truly the pioneers, we saw the ubiquitous below-the-knee shorts, but these were rather slim and tailored in gorgeous (though not flashy) hi-tech fabrics fabrics, giving a fresher approach without straying 400;">too400;"> far away from the norm. And that seems to be Public School's gift, making them the NY designers 400;">du jour.

400;">In a sober palette of black, gray and white with 400;">lots400;"> of navy blue (400;">clearly400;"> the hottest color for Spring menswear), there were complementary plaids, windowpane checks (another trend) in elongated, slim,

almost skater-ly, looks without being oversized. With reverse layering and reframed sportswear, the mid-thigh length coats in every color of PS's palette looked almost like classic topcoats until we noticed the baseball jacket styling. The navy, classically-tailored overcoat was sleeveless - a look we've seen elsewhere this season but not done 400;">nearly400;"> as well as PS did it.

The all-white finale was exceptionally attractive, particularly the double-labelled short-sleeve coat. The calf-length dark socks with shorts are again something that has also been seen elsewhere this season, so we'll just have to expect that it's a change in style that we'll have to get used to.

400;">Celebrities in attendance or on the runway included Victor Cruz400;">, Joe Jonas400;">, Nick Wooster400;">, Wes Anderson's Waris Ahluwalia400;"> and DJ Twin Shadow400;"> (who provided the soundtrack). Teen Wolf400;"> and Arrow400;"> star Colton Haynes400;"> told WWD400;">, “This is badass. You can take them out of the lineup and they’ll still look badass.” When asked if people 400;">really 400;">wanted to look like gangsters Teen Wolf said, “Being a criminal is the new thing, stepping outside the box, doing things against the grain is what people want now,” he said. “That’s why I’m wearing a long Public School tunic."

400;">Tell that to, say, O.J. Simpson400;">.

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