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What do our men do in Havana? According to Nick Graham, they party like it is New Year’s Eve of 1958. For the showing of his Spring/Summer 2017 collection titled “Our Men in Havana”, Nick Graham recreated the atmosphere of the Famed Tropicana nightclub, complete with feathered showgirls, a band, and 24 gorgeously clad “secret agents”. Who can resist such a party?

Graham, known for his over-the-top events, chose the theme of a spy mystery unfolding at the 1958 New Year Eve party of the “Covert Fashion Detectives Association”, where a group of international spies meets to feed trend forecasts to countries around the world.

The show’s inspiration came from the 1958 novel “Our Man in Havana” by Graham Green, which humorously depicted the work of British MI6 intelligence services. “I wanted to present Cuba in a way that is entertaining, visually stunning and with an ironic edge,” Graham said. ”And why New Year’s Eve 1958? That was the last New Year’s before the revolution, which changed Cuba forever. It was a fascinating period, with the Tropicana Club at the center of the action. Americans would come in droves and party like they couldn’t in the United States. Once Havana fell, the Americans moved to Vegas, along with the showgirls and everything else that came with it.”

A mischievous angle on the presentation certainly didn’t detract from the clothes, far from it. Models dressed to represent variations of style according to different countries were joined by the chief spy – “James Bond”, played by Nick Graham himself. The collection was the perfect illustration of the globalization of style. A successful young banker, whether in New York, in Delhi, or in Moscow, will feel at ease in one of Graham’s stylish creations. Graham offers the personification of spirit of youthful sophistication and modernity that defines how men dress today. The difference may be in details, the overall concept of style stays the same world-wide.

Nick Graham SS17

The collection also represents the evolution of the brand. It is less formal, more playful than before; I would even call it joyful. Nick Graham characterized it as “more tailored sportswear”, rather than traditional suit-wear. The silhouettes are modern, and fabrications are chic and innovative. Wide range of fabrics and colors allow men to have fun and add personality to their wardrobes.

Known for his traditional and not so traditional patterns, Graham created a collection that combined paisley prints, shades of blue camouflage, skull prints, sarong bottoms and rope belt details. Crazy, I know, but it all works. The collection is a progression of his trademark “Post-Prep” style featuring lightweight linens, seersuckers, checked madras suits, floral shirts and lightweight outerwear.

Among all the “fun”, there were a few more subdued pieces, such as a cream-colored cotton suit and a chic white three-piece ensemble. I do love a man in all white! Graham himself commented: “The collection is fresh, sexy and has a subtle political undertone. Cuba’s famed Tropicana Club was the perfect inspiration point to bring it to life.”

The S/S 2017 Nick Graham party, and it can only be called a party, was attended by a thousand guests and attracted the “who is who” of the fashion world. Nick knows how to produce an event not to be missed. It should be seen to be believed.

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Nick Graham SS17
Nick Graham SS17