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PLAC S/S 2017

PLAC Spring/Summer 2017 collection of menswear, unveiled July 11, 2016, brought on the scene a distinct sense of classic 60’s attitudes. Reinterpreted for the modern audience, the aesthetic of non-conformism is clearly visible throughout the collection. Originally starting as a denim brand, PLAC has expanded its boundaries into contemporary clothing by adding unusual twists to basic wear.

The 2017 S/S collection was inspired by the works of David Hockney. Being an important contributor to pop art movement, Hockney was known for blocked, often flattened images of reality he depicted in his paintings. Similarly, PLAC uses blocking as part of image construction. Characteristically, the collection is not limited to certain design lines – a variety of shapes and silhouettes offers a wide range of choices to the customers, while keeping a distinct notion of a rebellious spirit. It is not particular shapes that provide unity to the collection, but the way elements are brought together to convey an idea.

The collection presentation’s style – unevenly buttoned and off the shoulder – further enhances the sense of unconventionality of the design. Colors are kept in the basic muted palette of black, white, grays and browns. That visual “flattening” by color is juxtaposed against strong pop-art style backdrops in the collection photography, again emphasizing a sense of classic ‘60 non-conformism.

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Plac S/S 2017