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Noted for their vivid prints, PINEDA-COVALIN knocks it out of the ballpark for SPRING/SUMMER 2016. Male or female, this is what you want to look like as the weather gets warmer. Dazzling brights offset with black or white make this a very international look that transcends many cultures. The dresses incorporate sheer panels, contributing to the light and lively look and it’s some of the most sophisticated work we’ve seen from Pineda-Covalin. Styling aside, it’s the prints that truly make the statement, and in a way that makes the models look like modern-day AZTEC royalty. The womenswear, from skirts and blouses to dresses and coats are deliciously wearable, begging the viewer to try them on. Sometimes the prints are just an accent on a lapel or a cuff ultimately illustrating the perfect fit and complex patterning that goes into the clothes. The menswear shows this off particularly well - for

instance, a suit with the print appearing only on the waistband and pocket square; or a vest and pants ensemble that only show the print on the shirt cuffs… until the model turns around and we see the brilliance of the print as the entire back of the vest. One outstanding shirt is essentially all-white, with one side of the front in a glowing print. But it is Pineda-Covalin’s dresses that rule the runway. Exotic, exciting and extraordinary, they are breathtakingly lovely and perhaps the most successful of the collection. For cruise and resort, they are absolutely perfect, and have found their way into hotels, museums, as well as international ports of call. Headquartered in MEXICO CITY, Pineda-Covalin is poised towards global domination, and this collection is the one that just might take them there.

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