runway New York


Okay, so I didn't know much about Taoray Wang when I saw this collection, but now I do, and now you will too. Tao demonstrated that he was divinely tuned into to the collective consciousness this season that dictated long-over-short; coat dresses; and fur, fur, fur. He opened with a group of more plain gray ensembles than you can shake a stick at. I had to ask myself, "Who is going to wear all these dreary yet impeccably-cut suits? How can the buyers even tell them apart?" But Taoray was just paving the way for unimaginable surprises. Coats and coat dresses, yes. Stylish and pretty... but still not thrilling me. Some camouflage. Yawn.

Then there was a divine black and white pattern over solid black group that was an exercise in extreme proportions, pushing them either closer together or even further apart. The entire coats group was

faaabulous, especially the green suede coat that is laden with the longest thickest beaver pelts on the runway this season.

Taoray also took the proportions in the opposite direction and widened them as well as cropping them, with really charming details such as huge, oversized collars, and motorcycle jacket styling. Taoray did take a foray into great big polka dots - lets just say we liked his work with uninterrupted color better. He redeemed himself immediately with the sleekest, slimmest black leather coat over a black turtleneck minidress. He nailed the season with that single ensemble. The coats group careened into what was almost like a minimalist gallery exhibition of pure architecture. Serene and spectacular, as if on pedestal displays, the pristine shapes sparkled with the purity of a Grecian urn. And Taoray Wang is the true sculptor.