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The Modern Traveler: Matiere Fall/Winter 2016

Founded in 2013, Matiere (say Mat-e-air) means material or the substance of which something is made. Matiere showed its Fall/Winter 2016 collection at New York Men’s Day at Industria Superstudio. Inspired by the “modern traveler,” the collection, although well-made with quality fabrications, did not push any buttons or boundaries. It did, however, fall in line with other trendy menswear designers this season. Unfortunately, the

modern traveler doesn’t dress very creatively. Plaid shirts and bomber jackets over wider, shorter and more tapered pants were not unattractive, but were indeed similar to a host of other designers’ collections. Layering, hoodies and hats were the order of the day, though the brand’s stark presentation did little to convey innovation. The small grouping, though forgettable, was solid and cohesive. Clink the link for all things Matiere:

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Photography by: Pedro Alcantara -