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Vera Wang S/S17: Rhapsody in Black and White

I grew up remotely following Vera Wang‘s career i.e. no, I am not obsessed with her as a designer. However, I am so excited to see that Vera Wang has come of age on her own. Her transformation from being a bridal designer to being A Designer has completed. Her collection is a testimonial statement that she does not give a f*uck about trends any more. When you can do what you always want to do, you don’t think about whether people will love it or hate it. The collection is meant for herself.

This is my feelings precisely when I am viewing this collection in primarily black, a touch of white and some pearls mixed in a few familiar silhouettes, you know Wang is not here to please the critics.

I salute you, Vera, it is important to finally do what you think will make you happy. I have observed for years, since I have known you in the 80s through pictures and interviews in magazines, you only wear black. You are the girl in your collection. Your ideas of chic is black long tops and leggings, lean, simple and confident. Your women know who they are. The collection is meant to be worn by people who know their destinies.

I love the shorts, I love the long sleeves tops, I love the peplum dresses. I love everything in this collection because they are not meant for trend chasers. Only a certain personality will like them. Usually, they are non conformists. They are single minded and they do not second-guess themselves.

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